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Rasheed Wallace–All Star?

Don't look now, but with All-Star starter Jermaine O'Neal going down for 2 months+ with a torn groin injury (ouch), Rasheed Wallace has jumped up another notch amongst potential All-Star forwards in the Eastern Conference.

The top two vote-getters amongst forwards will be named starters for the East squad. But while Rasheed ranked third behind LeBron James and JO in the voting, it is NBA Commissioner David Stern who will select O'Neal's replacement in the starting five. With Sheed having publicly stated (on WDFN) that he does not want to play in the All-Star game--he has a vacation scheduled with his kids--it is unlikely that Stern would select him as a starter. (Chris Bosh or Paul Pierce are likely candidates.) Still, with Flip Saunders and the remaining Eastern Conference coaches voting in the reserves, it wouldn't be a shock to see Sheed getting T'd up on All-Star weekend.

Jermaine O'Neal out EIGHT weeks! []