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Maurice Evans disses Ron Artest…

Maurice Evans had this reaction to his former team, the Sacramento Kings, acquiring Ron Artest:

"I still have friends who play on the team now, and I don't think that's a great deal," Evans said. "I don't think that guy is helpful. He's just now coming back from a suspension, and this is how he reacts, demanding a trade. You should be happy to be playing if you're really rehabilitated and have it out of your system."

You know, it is probably tough for a new guy to get acclimated to his surroundings during his first year with a team. I bet it is especially difficult to adapt after joining a veteran team like the Pistons who have been together for a few years. But it is nice to see that Maurice Evans understands that, as a Piston, he is never to say anything positive--or even ambivalent--about Ron Artest, no matter which team Ron plays for. Never.

Well done, Maurice. Well done.

Pistons Corner: Pacers must adjust with Peja [Detroit Free Press]