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Chase for 70 on

Maybe some of you saw already saw's Chase for 70 feature, this already, but I just happened to stumble upon it tonight. It's the schedules of the '06 Pistons and the '96 Bulls side-by-side, updating after each game. After beating the Grizzlies on Friday, Detroit is 36-5, on pace for a 71-11 err, 72-10 record. After 41 games in 1996, the Bulls were 38-3.

Don't fret, though, as Detroit has a chance to catch up during games 45 and 46, in which the Bulls suffered back-to-back losses. Of course, that will require five more wins, including four wins in a span of five days. But, if by chance the Pistons do pull it off, expect another wave of attention from the mainstream media to start the morning of February 5.

I admit, it's nice to look at what the Pistons are doing from such a historic angle, but what I'm most concerned about at the moment is the Pistons shutting down Black Mamba on Sunday. Because, he's been, you know, scoring a lot of points lately.

For our viewing convenience, I've added this link to the Reference Sites on the sidebar.