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Ben Wallace is a strong, strong man

Ben Wallace is a bodybuilderAccording to the Detroit News, the Sporting News is putting together a list of the strongest men in sports. Not surprisingly, Ben Wallace made the cut:

"Strongest man in the world," Wallace joked, when told of the feature.

At his peak, Wallace was bench-pressing 460 pounds. But, as a senior at Central High School in White Hall, Ala., Wallace weighed 190 pounds. His transformation into the NBA's version of The Hulk didn't start happening until he transferred to Virginia Union. That's where he discovered a small, dank weight room known as The Cage.

"I loved what that place stood for," Wallace said. "You didn't walk into that place unless you were dead serious about working out."

The Cage, sadly, is no more. It has been remodeled and upgraded and now looks pretty much like every other college weight room in the country. But the legacy of The Cage, and Wallace, will live on.

"I used to play with the weights, but once I hit my sophomore year, I got serious," Wallace said. "That's when I got addicted. You know, you start seeing a couple of rips and you like how it looks and you keep working, and it goes from there. Now I am addicted. I enjoy working out. I enjoy being in the weight room."

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