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A new year brings new changes

Starting today, you'll be hearing some new voices here at Detroit Bad Boys. For one, Ian Cameron, a Detroit area native currently exiled in Washington D.C, will be joining the fray. I'll let him introduce himself, but he's a lifelong fan whom you've probably bumped heads with at some point in various Pistons forums around the internet.

Also coming up is the first official Detroit Bad Boys interview, in what I hope will become a regular feature. I've been exchanging emails with Sarah Miller, a talented artist who's also a big Pistons fan, which she reveals in her art.

I started this site simply as an excuse to write about the Pistons, and I've been pleasantly surprised at the response that I've received. But with the addition of another writer and a new feature, I'll be able to offer a little more than just my daily grumblings and opinions. Rest assured, I'll definitely still be grumbling and opining, but we'll be offering some more substantial content, as well.