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Old Pistons gossip

It's not that exciting, but since it's Pistons related and has been linked up by everyone from True Hoop to Deadspin to YAYsports, I feel almost obligated to post this. Chris over at End of the Bench found a source with some breaking news about the Bad Boys era Pistons: Isiah Thomas is a jerk, Joe Dumars is a class act, John Salley is large, and, well, someone else (Chris can't remember who) had no trouble finding women:

One day, Steve was interviewing a one of the less-popular Pistons in his home (I think it was James Edwards, but I could be wrong - it could have been anyone from Gerald Henderson to John Long to Michael Williams to Fennis Dembo, I don’t know for certain, but the story probably applies to any unmarried NBA player). The Pistons player was playing video games when he decided to listen to his phone messages. Steve couldn’t believe it, as one after another, woman after woman left explicit messages for him, literally offering themselves to him on his answering machine. The Pistons player simply sat there playing his video games and told Steve not to worry about it - it happened all the time.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.