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Alex Acker to stick around all season

Congrats to rookie point guard Alex Acker, who's all but officially had his contract guaranteed for the rest of the season.

ROOKIE LOVE: Rookie guard Alex Acker smiled after the Pistons' loss Saturday. He wasn't happy about the result, of course, but because he'd heard his contract had become guaranteed. "That's what someone told me," Acker said. "I'm very happy." Acker was the 60th overall pick in June's NBA draft and signed a contract that can't be guaranteed until Tuesday. But teams must first place a player on waivers for two business days, and Acker's name wasn't on the waiver wire Friday. Acker will make almost $400,000 this season.

I've never seen Acker play -- nobody has since the preseason -- but his rookie diaries in the Free Press are good for unintentional comedy, so I'm happy to see him stick around.

I wonder, though, with Lindsey Hunter due back in just a couple of weeks, do the Pistons really need three backup point guards? Is this a precursor to a Carlos Arroyo trade? Or is that just the conspiracy theorist in me?

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