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Sam Smith on the Pistons

The Chicago Tribune's Sam Smith mentions the Pistons in his column today:

The Pistons and their fans remain, perhaps justifiably, paranoid about the perceived lack of respect and recognition. They note their group, unselfish and hard-working and without any thugs, is what the NBA says it wants to promote. The team that most resembles the Pistons is the Spurs. The two almost certainly are headed for a repeat matchup in the NBA Finals. Last season's produced the lowest TV ratings and fan and media interest in years.

It's the paradox the NBA faces with a team like Detroit racing to historic highs at a time the league's top markets are in rebuilding modes. For the first time, this season could produce no playoff teams from the five biggest basketball markets and biggest winners. The Bulls, 76ers, Celtics, Lakers and Knicks all are struggling.

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