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Matt Watson on AOL’s Sports Bloggers Live

Quick announcement: Host Jamie Mottram of AOL's Sports Bloggers Live has invited me onto his show to talk about the Pistons tonight. If you can't catch the live streaming broadcast from their site at 7 PM, you'll still be able to download the podcast from their site or iTunes later in the week.

Be sure to check it out, as there's something for everyone. Here's the scheduled lineup:

7:00-7:20 ~ NFL w/ Sports Illustrated's Jeffri Chadiha (a fellow Michigan alum) and Football Outsiders' Mike Tanier

7:21-7:31 ~ NBA w/ Detroit Bad Boys and Roundball Bloggers

7:32-7:42 ~ "Glory Road" w/ actor Josh Lucas

7:43-7:59 ~ NHL w/ Off Wing Opinion, Olympics w/ Jeret "Speedy" Peterson and the SBL Blog of the Week

UPDATE: The show went well, and I appreciate Jamie, Erin, Kevin and Chris for having me on. You can catch a streaming version of the show from the AOL Sports Bloggers Live site right now, and I anticipate the mp3 podcast version to be available for download sometime soon.

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: The mp3 podcast is now available.