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In honor of the 100 consecutive sellouts at the Palace, has compiled a list of the 100 Greatest Moments in Pistons history as well as the Top 100 All-Time Pistons.

I'm sure I'll have strong opinions about the ranking of the top of the All-Time Pistons list, but so far only 51-100 have been posted, and it's mostly a bunch of old players I loved watching but had forgotten about. Here are some of my favorites (I've added the links for your convenience):

98. Orlando Woolridge – Big O, had no D…but could score in bunches. Great arms, intimidating.

84. Olden Polynice – OP had some crazy hand signals. Could play when he wanted to and averaged 9.4 ppg and 9.1 rpg in two years.
83. Chuck Nevitt – Tallest player in Pistons history at 7’5". Had tallest wife on the team at 6’5".
82. Scott Hastings – Funniest guy to ever wear jersey. Member of 1990 championship team.

51. Cliff Robinson – Uncle Cliffy. Weird because he was on 1990 Portland team the Piston beat for championship.

Funny note about Uncle Cliffy: someone recently pointed out (I can't remember who) that he's the only player still in the NBA that played a game in the 1980's -- he was a 23-year-old rookie with the 89-90 Blazers team that lost to the Pistons in the Finals. Currently with the Nets, he's in his 17th season.

Top 100 All-Time Detroit Pistons []