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Site Announcement: Congratulations, Matt

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Well, he did it.

Matt Watson--the heart, soul, and creator of this blog--ended years of speculation and tied the knot this past weekend in Ann Arbor, MI. Consequently, you will have to excuse his absence around here for the next couple weeks; I doubt the new wifey would look fondly upon him blogging from the tropics on their honeymoon.

But while Matt is away, there's a tall order at hand. Detroit Bad Boys will be getting back into game shape starting now, and there is much to discuss regarding our beloved Boys in Blue. The preseason kicks off on October 10 against the defending champion Miami Heat (it kills me to type that), and the regular season opener against Milwaukee is less than a month away (November 1).

So check back with us daily; come strong with the comments; and stay clear of the Tasers. It is going to be a fun season, and we'll be here with you for every W (and the occasional L).