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NBA Blog Previews: 30 teams in 30 days

This just in: CelticsBlog -- which normally falls into the category of "enemy sympathizer" -- is a very good blog.

And Jeff Clark, head of gang green at CelticsBlog, has put a considerable amount of work into creating what will be the most comprehensive NBA preview to be found amongst the network of NBA blogs. 30 blogs in 30 days aims to provide extensive analyses of every team in the league, written by the top NBA bloggers out there. And it aims to do it all prior to the start of the regular season one month from now.

'A team per day for 30 days -- and dealing with the prissy primadonnas of the NBA blogging community? It can't be done!' you say.

Well it is being done, and it's being done well. Witness the first set of previews on Jeff's beloved Boston Celtics, found at CelticsBlog, Celtics 17 & Celticsstuff Live, and LOY's Place.

Detroit Bad Boys will be contributing a Pistons preview on October 13, but in the meantime, we'll keep you linked to this ginormous project. Remember the words of Sun Tzu (...or was it Iceman?), 'you must study your enemy, should you hope to defeat them.'

Keep an eye on them. They cannot be trusted.