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NBA Blog Previews: Southwest Division

the '30 Teams in 30 Days' project just keeps on keepin' on. Due to our erratic posting habits (hurry back, Matt) and our immersion in all things Tigers, we've decided to post by division every five days rather than require you to go hunting for links. So, without further ado, check out the Southwest Division previews, presented in order of record:

  • Dallas Mavericks (Presented by Mavs Moneyball): 59-23
  • San Antonio Spurs (Presented by Pounding the Rock): 58-24
  • New Orleans Hornets (Presented by Hornets 24/7): 48-34
  • Memphis GrizzliesStill the worst team name since the Utah Jazz. Look, I know you all were saddled with the name when the team migrated south, but couldn't you hold a fan contest to ditch the Grizz moniker? (Presented by Beale Street Beat) : 45-37
  • Houston Rockets (Presented by Rockets Blast): ??-??

So there you have it, folks. Aside from the lack of a record prediction for the Rockets, the Southwest Division joins Atlantic division in having every team slated for .500 or more. I'm no math wiz, but this somehow seems impossible. That's alright, the Central Division preview kicks off tomorrow (with our Detroit Bad Boys preview of the Pistons set to hit on Friday), and you can expect us to be sipping the Kool-Aid as well.

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