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Gearing up

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Waimea Canyon, KauaiI'm sure a lot of you who actually know me wondered if you'd ever see the day, but it's official: I'm married. Believe it, there's papers and everything. And honeymoon pictures from Hawaii, too, one of which is over there on the right (yes, that's me, wearing the old school Detroit Bad Boys skull and crossbones -- you can take the boy out of Detroit, but...). And that earthquake? Totally not my fault. We arrived (safe and sound) at Metro on Saturday evening, long before the first tremors hit the Big Island.

Now that the ceremony, reception and honeymoon are all officially in the rearview mirror, I'm ready to get back to business on this site. Before I do, though, I'd like to publicly thank Ian for his outstanding effort on DBB the past couple of weeks. Despite law school, a real job, multiple trips back to Detroit for Tigers playoff games and a (remarkably patient) wife, he didn't just maintain the status quo with the blog but in fact managed to single-handedly pick up DBB's coverage to keep up with the start of training camp and the exhibition season. If you've enjoyed anything on this site over the past few weeks, you can thank him for it.

Going forward, expect daily coverage as we build up to the start of the regular season. The Tigers will continue to command most of the local media's attention (and deservedly so), but you can count on us to keep at least one eye trained on the NBA. Continue making us part of your daily routine (and tell a friend or two, while you're at it) and we'll reward you by doing our best to provide the most engaging Pistons banter from now until the start of the regular season and beyond.