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Backcourt backups

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From A. Sherrod Blakely on

Ronald "Flip" Murray, known for his ability to score quickly, is also considered a better-than-average defender which, along with Hunter, should give Detroit's bench the kind of defensive backcourt tandem it has lacked the past couple seasons.

My ensuing IM conversation with Ian after reading this:

Matt: Is it me, or does this seem optimistic?

Ian: Funny, I see the names "Hunter and Murray" and I think "the Pistons haven't had a backcourt like that in a while" as well. Of course, I'm thinking of Mark Macon and Negele Knight.

Touche. Hunter can provide very good defense in short spurts, but the only time I've ever heard Murray described as a good defender is in the Detroit press after we signed him. I will admit, I've been unable to see much preseason action with my recent vacation and all, so am I being too harsh? Has anyone out there actually seen something I'm missing?

Hunter, Murray form solid backcourt off bench [MLive]