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NBA Blog Previews: Northwest Division

The 'NBA Blog Previews' Northwest Division preview has been posted, and I feel that a disclaimer is necessary.

Folks, depression rates in the Pacific Northwest are high; maybe not "Norway High," but they are up there. Perhaps this explains the doom and gloom expressed by the Northwest Division bloggers. I mean, if the Central, Southwest, and Atlantic divisions can sip from the silly cup (all predicting .500 or better for each of their teams), then why does hope not spring eternal in the Northwest?

So, the disclaimer: please try not to let this momentary glimpse of realism dampen your spirits when evaluating your own home team. Hold fast to that dream that somehow, some way, every team in the NBA can go .500 or better. For as Christian Slater stated at the end of Pump up the Volume (yeah, I went there), "Keep Hope Alive!"

Now, onto the previews.

  • Denver Nuggets (presented by The Nugg Doctor): 51-31
  • Seattle Supersonics (Presented by Sonics Central) : 45-37
  • Utah JazzBecause nothing says "jazzy" like Jerry Sloan (Presented by 43-39
  • Minnesota Timberwolves (Presented by I Heart KG): 42-40
  • Portland Trailblazers (Presented by True Hoop): Anywhere from 20-62 to 40-42The aforementioned dose of reality.

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