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Happy Birthday, DBB!

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I just read that Sports Illustrated predicts that the Pistons will finish second in Central and fourth in the East. Seems reasonable, I suppose, given the loss of Ben Wallace. Of course, they predicted the exact same thing last year following the loss of Larry Brown, and the Pistons went on to win 64 games.

How did I remember SI's prediction from last season? Because exactly one year ago today I talked about it in this blog's very first post. That's right, it's been exactly one calendar year to the day since I officially launched this site.With that in mind, it's not entirely a coincidence that I picked today of all days to launch the re-design.

Of course, most of you didn't come around for at least a few more months -- I could count all of my daily visitors on two hands those first couple of weeks. At the time, I had just recently become a full-time freelance writer after leaving behind the security of a salaried job writing about sports for the Roto Times. I started the blog as a way to keep busy between paying assignments as well as an excuse to write about the Pistons -- after spending the first five years of my professional writing career focusing on baseball and football, I was eager to turn my attention to basketball and the Pistons, easily my favorite sport and team growing up.

Not having a full-time job allowed me (for better or worse) to spend far more time than I ever envisioned writing for this site. It was a practice in vanity those first couple of months -- I didn't have much of an audience and I knew it. But I was having fun and the Pistons were in the midst of an outstanding regular season, so I figured sooner or later an audience would find the site.

And you did, which is far more encouraging to a writer than you might ever realize. What started as simply an exercise for one writer to stay busy turned into something that hundreds of people read each day, which eventually prompted me to add Ian as my co-pilot. His addition in January 2005 helped take the site to another level, and with the two of us spending far more time than sane people should watching and writing about basketball, our traffic increased ten-fold by the time the playoffs rolled around.

What's in store for DBB in our second season? With any luck, even more big things -- this site I started to stay busy now frequently takes up much of my day. Now that I've admitted that to myself, I'm running with it, and we're going to figure out a way to continue making it so. In the interim, thanks for reading for as long as you have, and we hope you'll stick around another year and beyond.