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NBA Blog Previews: Dirty South(east)

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The 'NBA Blog Previews' Southeast Division preview is up. Take a look:

A couple first impressions:

  • Believe it or not, 54 wins would be an improvement over last season for Miami.
  • With all the talk of how much better teams like the Cleveland Cavaliers will be this season, where's the love for the Wizards? (The team, not just Gilbert.) Aside from shaky defense, a lack of depth, wasted draft picks, Brendan Haywood in the starting lineup...ah, okay, I understand now.
  • Our friend Todd at Believing in Magic has to be beside himself with optimism this year. The Magic closed last season strong and have a young, athletic team to look forward to. Me, I'm hoping for a few season-ending (but not career-altering) injuries and enough losses to send them to the lottery. Why, you ask, would I wish that upon a team as likeable as the Magic? Because the Pistons are still awaiting the Magic's #1 pick this year or next, remember?
  • If the Bobcats win 42 games next year, I'll buy Detroit Shock season tickets. I'm just saying...
  • Atlanta...something compelling about Atlanta... Nope, sorry.

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