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Grizzlies maul Pistons, who may or may not have noticed

The Pistons lost to the Grizzlies for the second time in two weeks. Do you care? Of course not -- it's the preseason.

The starters actually saw some semi-significant playing time, but it was obvious no one was really into this one -- the Pistons were leading in the third quarter but let the Griz take over for good with a 19-4 run. Rebounds are often a measure of hustle than anything else, and as a team the Pistons had just 23 boards, less than half of the Grizzlies' total of 47. Blocks are also a function of high energy, but aside from Amir Johnson (four blocks in eight minutes!) the Pistons managed only two. Heck, they even slept at the free-throw line, hitting just 10 of 18 (55%).

Rip Hamilton led the way with 15 points in 28 minutes, followed by Jason Maxiell with 14 points. Maxiell also led the team with six boards in 27 minutes. Carlos Delfino managed to go scoreless in 28 minutes, missing all five of his shots from the field, including three from three-point land. He finished the preseason shooting just 30.3% from the field -- talk about laying an egg, huh? I still think the Pistons will be forced to give him a legitimate chance to play this year, but it sure would have been nice to see him force the issue.

As for the starters, well, they're healthy, and that's all we really can ask for this time of the year. Nazr Mohammed didn't do much on Wednesday, but I think we can all agree that he looks like a fine addition to the squad, flashing offensive skills that are a order of magnitude better than anything we've seen from our starting center in a long, long time. How long? Olden Polynice long.

Anyways, the game wasn't a complete wash -- it's always nice to see some of the young players get some burn whenever they can, and some of the youngsters did make things interesting toward the end. Head over to Need 4 Sheed for the highlights, including a pretty sweet Will Blalock-to-Amir Johnson alley-oop.

So that's that. 5-3 in the preseason, in case you didn't notice. The games start counting on November 1 against the Bucks, at which time Game 4 of the World Series may or may not have already been played, depending on the weather.

Grizzlies 92, Pistons 82 box score [ESPN]