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For those of you who haven't discovered Keith Langlois' Q&A commentary on the Pistons homepage on your own, I suggest you check it out. Langlois, who joined the Pistons this season after 22 years with the Oakland Press, has impressed thus far with his frank insights and knowledge of the game. Here's a taste from today's post, regarding our Patron Saint, Carlos Delfino, and his broken jumper:

Lucious: Have the coaches determined the problem with Carlos Delfino’s shooting? Is it mechanics, the need for more practice, or what?

Langlois: Yes, yes and yes. Often after practice, when other players are shooting free throws, Delfino is running around orange traffic cones, simulating a screener, to get to a likely shooting spot on the wing or along the baseline, and taking an endless series of passes from assistant coaches, working on his form. Becoming a great shooter is like becoming a great pitcher or golfer or punter – it’s the ability to repeat the same motion again and again and again. Delfino’s form still needs refining, but there’s no reason he can’t become a very proficient jump shooter. And he needs to. Becoming a perimeter threat is an essential element in allowing Delfino’s multitude of skills to emerge.

Unlike most pro team pages, where content is watered down by the company line, Langlois and DBB-favorite David Wieme make a worthwhile stop for Pistons news on your way to or from Detroit Bad Boys.

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