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The Pistons blogosphere is growing

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I've noticed a couple of new Pistons blogs sprout up this past week: Basketballr, which appears to be written by DBB reader Mike Payne, and Human Victory Cigar, a companion blog to created by DBB reader TheMicrowave. As you'd expect, neither site has too much content just yet since they just launched, but what is there is certainly promising.

And rest assured, neither blog is short of opinion -- witness Basketballr's latest post: The 14 Biggest A**holes in the NBA. I found myself nodding in agreement several times, including here:

8 - Manu Ginobli. A few seasons ago, I may just have given you the #1 spot. Last season, your performance sank, and it made me feel all fuzzy inside. I blame your diminishing performance on the fact that the referees have finally figured out that you are a complete and total hack. You’re not a basketball player, you’re an actress. If I had a dollar for every time that you have charged at the nearest defender by the basket, flailed your hands in the air and fell on the ground- I’d be loaded. Years ago, when defense still mattered, you wouldn’t be playing in the NBA– you wouldn’t have a chance. But now, you are a big player because you have one talent which stands out: you draw contact. That’s it.

The more the merrier when it comes to Detroit sports blogs -- welcome to the game, guys.

UPDATE: I missed one -- there's also The Detroit Pistons Today by DBB reader Jim Dunn. Thanks for speaking up in the comments, Jim!