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The winners are…

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Thanks to everyone who helped fill in Andre Miller's thought bubble in our recent caption contest. Here's the photo again, with my five favorite suggestions:

What is Andre Miller thinking?

What is Andre Miller thinking?

Dave: "So THIS is what it's like to be on a POSTER!"

R.O.C.: "Aww hell... Now I can't watch SportsCenter!"

Matt : I shouldn't have quit my gig doing those 7UP commercials."

Kurt: Okay, that was good. But we're going to do it one more time, and do it with more cowbell."

Alan: "Is that pine tar on Maxey's hand?"

Thanks to everyone that participated -- there were a lot of good ones in there. To the winners: you should have just received an email from me asking for your address -- I'll need that to send you the Dime Magazine we promised you guys. (If you submitted a fake email address -- *cough*R.O.C.*cough*, you may want to get in touch with me if you want that free mag.)

If you ever find any good Pistons-related photos that would make for a good caption contest in the future, drop us a line!