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NBA Blog Previews: The Pacifists

The final NBA Blog Preview, covering the Pacific Division, is up. Take a look:

My head is spinning right now. It is like the entire community of Pacific Division bloggers got together and conspired to make this final NBA Blog Previews post a formatting nightmare. Here are my thoughts on the above:

  • These Suns teams are as much fun to watch as the Paul Westhead Nuggets of the early 90s, except the Suns actually win games.
  • Remember when the Kings finally put it together with Bibby, Divac, and Webber? That's the Clips right now.
  • The veteran presence and tough defense mean the Kings probably make the playoffs every year, but unless someone on this team experiences a season above and beyond their career norms, they'll max out at "undesireable first-round opponent."
  • Oooo...I'm the Lakers. I've got three blog previews...ooooo. Yeah, well guess what? You're just bad enough to possibly miss the playoffs; just good enough to ensure that you never draft in the top 5. Cheers to a decade of 45 win teams.
  • If they were in the East, I'd give the Warriors a chance of making the playoffs. But as is, there is just too much high-end mediocrity in the West to expect them to make it this season. Though perhaps -- before breaking out next season -- they could spend this season coming up with a logo that is more befitting their name.

Being that this is the last round of previews, I think we need to once again recognize Jeff Clark at Celtics Blog for his efforts at pulling this together. The resulting collection of insider info on each team around the league puts some of the national pubs to shame. For a last look at all the previews, head over to the NBA Blog Previews site or follow the links above and below. Cheers, Jeff.

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