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What current Piston might someday be GM?

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Read the following, and try to guess who Joe Dumars is talking about:

"First of all, he’s the smartest guy on this team. He has the highest basketball IQ. The second thing I always say is that if there’s a guy on this team who could make the transition to the seat I’m sitting in right now, it’s him. He has that perspective. He has that kind of depth to him. And discipline. He has the type of discipline it takes to sit here."

Keep thinking, and when you're ready, read the rest of this post.

Did you guess Chauncey Billups? It'd be a reasonable enough pick: he's a point guard, so he definitely has a high basketball IQ. Plus, he's a team captain, so he has leadership abilities. But he's not the guy.

Lindsey Hunter? We've suggested before that he might make a good basketball coach... but he's not who Dumars was talking about, either.

Give up?

None other than Tayshaun Prince. And now that I think about it, I'm not that surprised. Check out Keith Langlois' profile over at for more of Dumars' impressions on Prince, including Prince's pre-draft workout in which he proved his toughness.

Do you agree? Which Piston do you see someday making the leap to the front office?

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