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Rick Mahorn is signing autographs

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The first couple of winners in our Bad Boys 1988-89 NBA Championship DVD box set giveaway will be announced before the time you leave work today. If you missed out but still want one, you can a) try to win one of our next contests, b) order the box set online and wait for it to be shipped on November 14, or c) make plans to pick it up in the store the day it is released.

If you're like me, you try to do most of your shopping online, and even if you're excited about picking up this box set, your need to actually go to the store the day it's released may not be all that overwhelming. That's understandable, I suppose, at least considering you've waited almost two decades since you watched the 1989 playoffs the first time around. But consider this:

Rick Mahorn, one of the original Bad Boys' prime instigators, will be promoting the release of the box set by signing copies at Borders Books and Music in Novi this coming Tuesday, Nov. 14. Fortunately, Novi is actually closer to my side of town than most of these types of things, so I hope to make it out there.

On a sidenote, some of you may be asking where my integrity went. How come I'm pitching this DVD thing so hard, and why am I touting Mahorn's signing so much? Can editorial decisions on DBB be swayed so easily by a box of free swag? Honestly, it can't... most of the time. But I get authentically excited and overly nostalgic about any and all things to do with the Bad Boys era Pistons (as well as the A-Team, but that's another matter), and I get the feeling a lot of you guys are, too.

[EDIT: Mahorn is signing autographs at 6pm at Borders -- the time was somehow left out of my original post...]