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I hate, but I love: the DBB caption contest winner

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Damn, guys -- you think you could have made our first Bad Boys DVD giveaway any more difficult?

We hated having to select a single winner, but Matt and I have finally come to a decision after several rounds of roshambo and endurance challenge involving a keg of Natural Light and a copy of Ron Artest's album My World....which is currently ranked #21,420 on after its first week of release.

All entries were worthy of victory. And were there only a couple,...or, one, as the case is with our photo contest. we might have been inclined to give away more than one set of DVDs. But alas, there can only be one.

So, without further ado, allow me to reintroduce our photo, this time with Pat Hunt's winning photo caption. And when reading, try to keep your beverage of choice from coming out your nose.

Big Ben and Ron Ron make up

Ben: Wow. Your elbow is really soft.

Crazy Ron: Coconut butter.


I use coconut butter. Without it I’d be as ashy as Don King.

Does Don King have dry skin?

Are you kidding me? Have you seen the man’s hai- I’m sorry, I didn’t mean anything by it.

Yeah. Cool. Whatever. That coconut butter does smell nice. Wanna take a shower?

Damn, that's funny...

But, Pat's "Skeets-inspired" entry was not the only hilarious post, so a few people will be receiving emails from Matt or me requesting a mailing address for your copy of Dime magazine.

Lastly, big props to Alan for providing me with a new favorite nickname for Ben Wallace: Benedict. As a card carrying Ben-hater (and a History major, to boot), I'm really wishing I would have come up with that on my own. Cheers, Alan.

(Another DVD giveaway will be announced soon, so please check back with us for that announcement.)

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