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Pistons try to find "Golden State" on a map

It's hard for me to get up for this game -- I know the Warriors are 3-3, just like Detroit, and I know the Pistons might be a little tired playing the final game of their west-coast swing as well as the second game of a back-to-back. But still, these are the Warriors we're talking about...

Who's Monta Ellis? Last year he was a second round pick drafted out of high school who did very little for most of the year but ride the pine. This year, he's a starter and a bona fide scorer -- second on the team behind Baron Davis. But don't feel bad, I didn't know any of that five minutes ago, either.

What happened last time? Detroit beat Golden State twice last year, including a close three-point win in Oakland.

I want a longer preview! Then check out Golden State of Mind to see how the other half lives.

Game starts at 10:30, and as always, share your pre-/in-/post-game thoughts in the comments.