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Chauncey Billups is confused

Chauncey Billups, on why the Pistons have been coming out of the gate so slow:

"So many times, we take for granted a little bit that we have been together for so long, and we know each other so well, that we find each other taking too many shortcuts, and these teams are young, and they're looking to make a name for themselves. What better team to do that than against the Pistons, who have been so good for long."

What better team do to that against? Let's see... I'm thinking the Heat, the reigning NBA champs. Or maybe the Mavericks, the champs of the West. How about the Spurs? They won in 2005 and have three titles in eight years. There's also the Cavs, led by the league's favorite son. Or Phoenix, who's up-tempo style epitomizes the new NBA...

I'm sure Chauncey didn't mean anything by it, but seriously, the target hasn't been on Detroit's back more so than the rest of the league for a good couple of years now -- especially this season. Those young teams come out with so much energy because they're young teams, not because they're playing the Pistons.