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DBB haiku contest: And the winner(s) are…

You all just don't quit! There were so many quality entries to our Motor City Madness haiku contest, we've decided to let indecisiveness reign by annointing two winners. And while it wasn't easy whittling the list down to two, we feel the winners express a perfect mix of homicidal and traditional in their approaches to haiku.

First up is Fool, with the following snacktacular post about Baby Max:

Time for bench to rise
Jason Maxiell eats babies
Put the man in Flip

And next is Ken, who took time out from...whatever he is doing in Poland (model scouting) to submit the following ode to Tayshaun:

Like kite without String
[A]Rise and lead, co-captain;
T.P., time to shine!

Again, big thanks to all those who participated. My mind will forever associate Dale Davis with the five syllables "Sizzle, crackle, pop."

Remember, there is still an ongoing photo contest for two more sets of DVDs. Take a picture of yourself reading DBB at home or in the office and send it in. Or snap a shot of you or a friend holding a sign that says Detroit Bad Boys -- that'll work too. Or film yourself making out with your inflatable Ben...(awkward) Or it could be your dog in a Pistons jersey barking to the tune of "Three-peat Beat" (with a sign that says Detroit Bad Boys)...

Whatever the hell you have to do to get those three words inside the viewfinder of your effing digital camera -- do it, and then email it to Matt and I! For your efforts, you'll have the chance to receive 11 DVDs worth of Skinny Joe Dumars and Bill Laimbeer's pasty white legs.

And, seriously, who doesn't want that?