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DBB DVD Winners: Photo Contest

DBB_at_workOur photo contest for the Bad Boys DVD giveaway has come to a close. As we said before, we have two winners for you. First, by random draw, DBB reader kramer wins with the picture on the right of his computer screen reading at work (yeah, it was that easy -- we told you you should have entered...).

Kramer notes: "You can even see my hard hat which is actually used, not just a promotional tool like the Pistons..."

The second prize was awarded based on creativity, a vague criteria which made it damn near impossible to choose from several worthy entries. We loved the road-side signs, both real (on Telegraph) and imagined (on I-75), but in the end we really appreciated DBB reader Brandon making the best use of a, well, captive audience.

Brandon writes: here's a "picture of the restroom in a State of Michigan facility in Lansing, with DBB signs at face level in front of the urinals. This restroom is shared between two different departments and receives a lot of traffic. I will leave these signs up."

DBB is bathroom reading material

You leave those up, Brandon, and you also wait by your mailbox, because you just earned a DVD box set.