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Joe Dumars on Chauncey Billups: "We’re going to pay him"

Joe Dumars was on WXYT's Sports Inferno last night, and the Free Press took notes:

When asked if he was willing to offer Chauncey Billups a maximum contract, Dumars said "probably so." Billups can opt out of his deal after this season. "We're going to pay him, and we're going to pay him to make sure he stays here," Dumars said. "I'm not sitting here fretting about it right now because I know we're going to do whatever it takes to keep the guy here."

So that pretty much ends that discussion.

In the interview, Joe also denies the notion that he's been told to avoid the luxury tax and confirms that Philly came sniffing around in the offseason gauging interest in a potential Allen Iverson trade.

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