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Chauncey Billups and Flip Saunders (don’t) hate each other

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Remember Chauncey's supposed dislike of Flip Saunders? Well, according to USA Today, the two seem to be getting along just fine. Here's Chauncey talking about his coach's free-throw shooting:

"He can shoot. He's legit. I'm gonna get him though. I don't know if he could get me right now. I don't know if he could beat me right now, especially if he was out there grinding all night, chasing (Washington guard) Gilbert (Arenas) all night. I know he can't make 19 of 19." — Chauncey Billups, after making 18 of 19 free throws, responding to coach Flip Saunders' proclamation that he would beat the Pistons point guard in a foul-shooting contest. Saunders holds Minnesota's career free-throw record.

More fun with Chauncey's 18 for 19 night against the 'Zards:

An 89-percent foul shooter on the season, Chauncey Billups said assistant coach Ron Harper gave him a hard time about the one foul shot he missed Saturday. "Ron Harper asked me whether I was point-shaving," Billups said. "I'm like (dang), dude."

My, how things have changed. Earlier, we were all expecting the fall of the Empire. Now, the team captain (rumored to be leaving) is accepting a free-throw shooting challenge from his coach. Pretty soon they'll be having team pillow fights on Roundball One and travelling in groups to the bathroom.

Winning (and maybe a little Schadenfreude) does wonders for team solidarity,...or at least the perceptions of. huh?

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