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Picture of the Week: Opening Night

National Anthem
(Submitted by paulhitz)

I encouraged readers attending the season opener against the Bucks to submit their digital pictures to the Detroit Bad Boys group pool on Flickr, but then I neglected to check back to see if anyone did. Lo and behold, someone did: the above is a shot of the national anthem being sung by Michael Cavanaugh of Billy Joel's "Movin' Out."

With any luck, this can be a weekly feature, but it all depends on how often you guys submit pictures. What kind of pictures can you submit? It's up to you. We've featured some outstanding game shots in the past but also plenty of dogs wearing jerseys, friends hanging out in their Pistons gear -- even a Pistons fan on the Great Wall of China.

Can't think of what to take a picture of? Maybe we can think of something for you... (Wait for this, it'll be good.)