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But seriously, Rasheed, tell us how you really feel

ESPN's Daily Dime featured Rasheed Wallace in their Five Questions segment. As you'd expect, they received some pretty candid responses:

Q: You had four technical fouls after four games and you've had only three in the 15 games since. Have you adjusted to the way refs are handing out Ts now?

A: No, I didn't make no adjustment. It's because the league knows what's coming. They knew the players' union was going to file a grievance [about] that. So they're trying to tone it done themselves now.

Q: You had to serve a one-game suspension last season when you got to 16 technicals. If the refs are indeed backing off, are you less worried about suspensions this season?

A: I don't care about that tech [stuff] at all, man. They can go ahead and do what they do, but I'm still going to do what I do. That's not going to change me.

Q: Thoughts on the new ball?

A: The new ball sucks. Dictator just went on and threw it out there [without] asking guys and testing it. That ball sucks. They had some Spalding guy create quote-unquote microfiber and all that. You got guys who never played the game before who want to change the ball.

Q: You guys have just beaten Dallas after losing to Charlotte and Portland. How do you assess the first quarter of the season?

A: I knew we weren't going to come out and have that big jump like we did last year [37-5]. I know we weren't going to come out like that this year, because we had a couple new additions. It's just a matter of us getting used to each other.

Q: Who misses who more? Does Ben Wallace miss you guys more or do the Pistons miss Ben more?

A: I really don't know. I think it's a mutual thing.

Dictator Stern -- classic stuff.