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Flip Murray might be one and done in Detroit

Chris McCosky makes an interesting point in today's Detroit News: Flip Murray is likely not long for Detroit. The backup combo guard (that's the polite way of saying shoot-first point guard, right?) signed a two-year deal this summer, but the second year is a player option. Considering Murray doesn't see himself as a bench player, he'll likely test the free agent waters at the end of the year -- especially since he was forced to settle for a cut-rate deal this past summer:

Matched up against the smaller Jameer Nelson, Murray scored eight quick points to resuscitate the Pistons and send them on their way to an impressive 87-83 victory.

"That's the kind of basketball I have played my whole life," said Murray, 27, who wound up scoring 13 points in 30 minutes. "I've always been in that situation (No. 1 option). I just haven't found the right comfort zone in the NBA yet, where I can be that person."

It's not that he is uncomfortable, or disenchanted, with the Pistons. Far from it. He seems to very much enjoy being a part of this team and has willingly accepted his backup role. It's just that, being a solid backup isn't his career goal, and it doesn't appear that all-stars Richard Hamilton and Chauncey Billups are going anywhere anytime soon.

For what it's worth, Murray is eligible to be traded anytime after December 15, but I doubt Joe Dumars deals him unless he gets back a slasher (ideally one who can play the point) in return. And despite somewhat of an up-and-down season, Murray appears to have gained Flip Saunders' trust.

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