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12/13 layup drill: The "play an effing game already" edition

  • Sidenote(s): It is finals time, so bullet points are just about all I have the attention span or the time for. (That said, the former is unlikely to change anytime soon.) Also, could we see a Pistons game already? The team plays more back-to-backs than anyone in the league but then has to sit around for five days? Brilliant!
  • 3ManLift continues their ranking of the Top-5 at each position. This time around, they look at the immensely talented field of small forwards, and while Tayshaun doesn't receive a top-5 billing, he does get a call out.
  • All this talk about "old balls" and "new balls" might be getting to Rip a bit (from A. Sherrod Blakely's blog on MLive):

    "Been playing with that ball for so long," Hamilton said. "As soon as you get that thing back ... it’s like a lost girlfriend that just came back home. You glad to have her back."

  • Is Steve Nash the best point guard in the NBA? Most would say yes. Is Steve Nash one of the best point guards of all time? Nate Jones of 'Jones On the NBA' says emphatically, "NO!"
  • What does the Cavalier of YAYsports! do for a living? Who knows, but judging by their troubles stemming from a recent server swap, we sincerely hope isn't web-based. (I jest, of course.) But while we await the return of a new and improved YAY, the Cav has released the first ever teaser-trailer for a blog.
  • It sure didn't take long for Nazr Mohammed to start talking like a Piston (from today's Detroit News):

    "Yeah, I think we are one of [the league's elite]," Mohammed said. "But don't tell anybody else that. Let them find out."

  • Speaking of Nazr, the Free Press (no doubt suffering the ill effects of the Pistons' five day layoff) has a hard-hitting report on his first job. And as far as I can tell, Nazr was a teenage bouncer:

    Mohammed's first part-time job was at a Saturday morning sports institute at his Chicago high school, where he was paid minimum wage to keep outsiders from coming in.

  • Natalie at Need4Sheed has a clip of Tayshaun's Christmas recollections. Can I say that, Christmas, without offending? Okay, how about "holiday recollections," is that better? What, you don't care? Yeah, I'm with you there.
  • The Basketball Jones daily podcast is up and running. Listen for mention of one of my favorite topics as of late -- the upcoming Rocky Balboa movie. You -- and my wife, for that matter -- only wish I was kidding.
  • And, in the "just because" category -- does anyone conjure up images of Tom Chambers when naming off the best NBA dunk artists ever? Well maybe they should:

    (Thanks to DBB reader Garrett for pointing me towards this clip in our previous discussion of Sega Genesis-based basketball games.)