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Another struggling team gets on track against Detroit

Wednesday's loss to the Pacers doesn't deserve a lengthy analysis -- it was out and out ugly. But you know what? It seems like much of the season has been like that, too. From my rant on the NBA FanHouse:Yes, it feels weird "blockquoting" myself.

Watching the Pistons has not been fun this year. There. Someone had to say it.

I'm not even talking about this year compared to last year. I'm talking about the fact that, 13-8 record notwithstanding, the Pistons always seem to be playing from behind. I'm serious. When they win, they win in the fourth quarter. I want someone at,, or (give me one season-long Game Flow) to crunch some numbers and tell me: how many minutes has this team been up and how many minutes has this team been behind.

Head over there to read the rest of my post. Am I overreacting or hitting the nail on the head? Let's hear it in the comments.

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