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Boogety-boogety booh! That’s a foul

From the Detroit News: "You can't do nothing to D-Wade," Wallace said. "If you say 'boogety-boogety booh' to him, that's a foul. If you give him a hard look, that's a foul."

From the Free Press:

As the players started warming up Thursday, Rasheed Wallace deliberately tumbled onto the court repeatedly, rolling onto his back and throwing his long legs over his head. He was making a humorous point.

"I'm practicing my D-Wade," Wallace said of Dwyane Wade. The Miami star is known for getting to the line sometimes with the aid of theatrics. He shot 10-for-13 from the line in Thursday's 87-85 loss to the Pistons.

Wallace ran toward an imaginary Wade and said, "Hoo!" Then he played the part of the officials and said, "That's a foul. You said "Hoo!" to D-Wade."