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Sonics might have interest in Dale Davis

I just posted a long-ish article on the FanHouse riffing off this report from the Tacoma News-Tribune, which DBB reader Nick emailed me this afternoon:

[Sonics] General manager Rick SundYeah, that Rick Sund, the one who was VP of player personnel in Detroit for six years from 1995-2001. and director of player personnel David Pendergraft, both of whom were at The Palace of Auburn Hills on Sunday night, are evaluating talent and making calls to other general managers in an effort to pry loose a player that could help them. A player such as Detroit’s Dale Davis is a perfect candidate.

"Until our young bigs improve a little – and by young I mean Petro and (Mouhamed) Sene – a veteran big guy would give us a better chance to win," Pendergraft said. "If we had Robert (Swift), we wouldn’t be having this discussion. He is a legitimate starting center in the NBA.

If Seattle has interest, should we move him? I enjoyed the debut of the Bruise Bros. as much as anyone (probably even more so, considering the Pistons were actually fun to watch for the first time in a long while), but I've long said that Detroit needs to try upgrading their point guard depth, and if Earl Watson can be had, well, Detroit should think about it.

Yes, I know about Dumars' commitment to Will Blalock, Davis' toughness and potential salary cap problems. I (try to) address all of that, which is why my post over there is probably the longest one I've ever done for the FanHouse. But take a look and tell me it doesn't make at least a little sense. (The first part of the post contains a little bit of re-hashing of stuff we've already discussed here, but I had to set the table to properly frame my thoughts.)

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