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Rasheed Wallace’s injury may linger

Not really the news most of us were hoping to hear. From Dana Gauruder of the Oakland Press:

Some days, it will nag him. Other times, it will knife through him.

What Rasheed Wallace's right ankle injury won't do anytime in the near future is completely heal. Wallace, who has missed the last two games with soreness on both sides of his ankle, is resigned to dealing with pain the rest of the season. Surgery, he claims, is not an option.

"It's nothing where I can say that it will be healed in two weeks or three weeks or whatever," he said Tuesday. "I wish I could but there's nothing I can say about that. I've just got to keep trying to play through it and if it gets bad again, I might have to sit a game or two again and wait until (the swelling) goes down."

Later in the article it's revealed that Wallace isn't a lock to return on Thursday like many of us thought. He's supposed to test his ankle in practice today. We'll post more info as it's available.

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