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Pistons take on Nets

Unofficial DBB part-timer Tim comes through with a Nets preview Yes, we're midway through the third as I post this, but better late than never...:

Nets Spot Stones 16.4 Points

The Nets limp into Auburn Hills tonight minus their second leading scorer Nenad Krstic (avg. 16.4 pts a game). Nenad is out for the season after injuring his ACL. I really like his game and hope he recovers completely for next season. It’s terrible news for the Nets but great news for the Pistons. Nenad abused the Pistons interior defense in his last outing to the tune of 27 pts. Without Krstic in the lineup the Nets have dropped their last two.

The Nets have been starting Eddie House in his absence so look for the Pistons to attack the inside (if Sheed can find the block). [Ed. - Former Piston Mikki Moore ended up getting the start at center -- his first start ever for the Nets]

The Pistons have been playing some great ball as of late, especially at the defensive end. They are limiting their opponents to an average of 86 pts. In their last 17 games. Many are quick to credit the great play of Max and Dale (Bruise Bothers) but the whole team seems to have stepped up their D (excluding Flip who is incapable of defending anyone).

Enjoy the game, and please leave some comments. I’m at my sisters in MN and can’t watch the game. Gotta get that Slingbox!

- My step dad informs me that Bruise Brothers is a recycled nickname. It was a nickname given to Rick Mahorn and another player before being traded to Detroit. Can anyone confirm this?


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