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Pistons at Knicks — Remembering Chris Dudley

Chris Dudley.  Need I say more?
With the Pistons in New York to face the Knicks tonight, what better way to say "huh..." than to celebrate the life and times of Chris Dudley. Why does Dudley merit celebration, you ask? Is he dead, you wonder?

No, no, no. Not at all. Chris Dudley is far too smart to die -- he went to Yale, after all. No, I just figured that if they are going to make a movie out of Mark Eaton's life... oh, you didn't hear? Anyways, I figure that if Eaton is movie-worthy, then Chris Dudley should at least have a post dedicated to him, right? I mean, what the hell else is so interesting about tonight's matchup against the brawl-depleted Knicks squad? (That's a rhetorical question.)

Besides, Dudley's got great taste in coaches:

Rick Philbin: Who was your favorite/best coach in the NBA?
Chris Dudley: From an X's & O's standpoint and managing players, it was Chuck Daily. There are many coaches who are good at the X's & O's and there are some who are considered a "player's coach" but very few can do both as well as Chuck.

So, per usual, leave your pre-, in-, and post-game comments in this thread as the Pistons aim for 6 in a row tonight against the Knicks. And when David Lee comes crashing into the lane to grab a board -- or similarly, when David Lee clanks a couple of free throws -- think of Chris Dudley. Because someone should.

Interview with Chris Dudley [Children with Diabetes]