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Matt Watson interview on

Matt took time out from his six blogging gigs and new marriage -- as well as his ongoing attempt to set the world-record for "Top Gun" viewing -- to give an in-depth interview for Here's a quick sample:

[] If you could forget the past six years, who would you most like to have coaching the Pistons right now: Rick Carlisle, Larry Brown, or Flip Saunders?

[Matt] Forgetting the last six years would be tough. I honestly would have to say Flip Saunders. Carlisle had his quirks, which I think is why the team was never able to get past the Eastern Conference Finals with him. One thing that kind of bugged me with him, was that he pretty much wasted all of Tayshaun Prince's rookie year by not letting him play until basically the first round of the playoffs, when Orlando had Detroit on the ropes, and he had to play Prince because they needed somebody to step up to Tracy McGrady. And that was kind of Prince's coming-out party.

And then Larry Brown—I just don't think he really trusts his young players. We saw that with him kind of responsible for destroying Darko's confidence. The team as it's constructed right now, there are several young players that need to step up this year; otherwise, the long term future of this team is in jeopardy as a contender.

I would actually say that Saunders is the least proven out of everybody, but if Flip Saunders can continue to guide this team as well as he did in the regular season last year, hopefully keep a little more harmony as they head into the playoffs, and also give guys like Carlos Delfino and Jason Maxiell a lot more consistent playing time, and let them develop into regular rotation players, then I probably have to stick with Flip Saunders.

I have to hand it to Jason Gurney of LowPost; his questions are insightful and make for an interesting read. Check out the full interview for discussion of the Melo v. Bosh. v. Wade v. Darko, Flip's in-game facial ticks, Bill Laimbeer's coaching future, etc.

As for Matt, it appears he's all growns up. (Single tear.)

Interview with Matt Watson from Detroit Bad Boys []