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Flip on Sheed’s techs: "They have to get those quotas filled"

Gotta love Flip Saunders sticking up for his players. From the Detroit News:

Wallace's technical foul count is up to six after he incurred a relatively cheap one Friday against the Knicks. Referee Scott Foster cited him after Wallace made the "and-one" motion with his arm. He felt he was hit in the head after a basket -- which he was.

"'Sheed has been a lot better lately (with the officials)," Saunders said. "Most of the time, I mean, the young refs don't have a clue in this league. The older refs tend to overlook some of those kinds of things.

"I liken it to how at the end of the month you get those speed traps. This is the same thing. They have to get those quotas filled. From the league standpoint, they want those T's, but I didn't think that one was called for."