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Even more bullets!

A couple of quick notes before we put up the game thread for tonight's game against the Blazers.

  • The Pistons decided to shut down Lindsey Hunter for the next couple of weeks to allow his ailing Achilles tendon a chance to heal. Good move: tearing that thing would likely end his career. The ramification? Flip freakin' Murray will be asked to spell Chauncey Billups at the one for 12-15 minutes a night.

    On a related note, if by chance you have a room in your house with padded walls, I suggest moving your TV there for the next couple of weeks.

  • Also, Chris McCosky weighs in the Mike James and Zach Randolph "rumors" in his latest blog, debunking both of them. How topical, Chris, nice to see you're reading. But how about a link back next time? (I'm kidding... kind of.)

    But seriously, I hesitate to even call the Randolph thing a rumor -- all David Aldridge said was that the Pistons might have an interest, which I'm certain would be true of every team in the league regardless of Randolph's fat contract. The rest I just made up.

  • Speaking of the Detroit News' "blogs," when are they going to figure out how to do it right and 1) allow people to link to individual posts, and 2) put up an RSS feed. I couldn't care less if they ever allow comments or not, but without individual links or a feed it's hardly accurate to call it a blog.

    What's the use in randomly publishing news if there's no mechanism to let people know it's there? It was dumb luck that I decided to check out that page today. Oh well, at least MLive does A. Sherrod Blakely's blog right.