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Nazr Mohammed on his limited playing time

Nazr Mohammed has obviously played a far more reduced role than expected -- at least from the fan's perspective. Could it be because he always seems to be in foul trouble? From the Free Press:

Mohammed said he doesn't see his foul trouble as a barrier to his playing time.

"It doesn't matter when you're only playing so many minutes how many fouls you get," Mohammed said. "... I haven't played in the fourth quarter. So I've got 36 minutes, three quarters, to get six fouls, in my eyes."

While Mohammed would certainly like to see more playing time, he's taking taking things in stride:

"I like winning," Mohammed said. "I've been on losing teams, and that is not a good feeling. I'd rather play 20 minutes on a winning team than 30 on a losing team. So I'm not going to sit here and cry about an extra 10 minutes a game."

ROUGH START: Pistons center Mohammed won't gripe -- but he's uncomfortable in new role [Detroit Free Press]