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Maybe Tay’s going to Houston after all

J.E. Skeets, at his new digs, The Basketball Jones, has an announcement:

In a concerted effort to get the entire Detroit Pistons team in Houston, NBA Commissioner David Stern announced a new event for the All-Star Saturday Night line-up – the Quaker Oats® Hustle Back On D And Try To Block A Lay-up Challenge.

The star-studded field for the Quaker Oats Hustle Back On D And Try To Block A Lay-up Challenge will feature Tayshaun Prince of the Detroit Pistons. Yeah, that’s it.

The fast-paced event will feature a generic point guard – possibly Milt Palacio, maybe Steve Blake – dribbling hard to the net, while Prince – starting at half-court – sprints back on D and attempts to block the lay-up. He’ll do it a couple of times; they’ll time him; Kenny Smith will be upset.

All-Star Saturday Night Defense [The Basketball Jones]