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Carlos Delfino’s success against Dwyane Wade

Still steaming from Sunday's loss to the Heat? Well, this little nugget won't help any:

There was one Pistons defender who had some success slowing Wade. Carlos Delfino played Wade for 13 minutes and didn't allow a field goal. Delfino also had five points and five rebounds.

A lot of people have questioned Flip Saunders decision to take Delfino off Dwyane Wade and put Tayshaun Prince on him late in the game. As for me, well, hindsight is 20-20, and after Wade got hot it was basically too late in the game to deviate from the last three years and replace a starter with a reserve in crunch time. Plus, Delfino's time will come, and the Pistons still have two more games against the Heat for him to truly test his prowess against Wade.

As much as the Pistons are scuffling right now, don't lose sight of the fact they're one game away from the All-Star break and have yet to break double-digits in losses. I think all of us would they take their lumps now than discover in April or May they're not indestructible.

Wade has hot hand as Heat burn Pistons [Detroit News]