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Are Alex Acker and Amir Johnson going to the NBDL?

If you're like me, you're probably pretty curious what exactly the Pistons have in rookies Alex Acker and Amir Johnson. Trouble is, a team with the best record in the league rarely has an opportunity to put a couple of rookies on the active roster, let alone get them into a game.

However, the time is nearing where those two players might finally get some playing time. . . in the NBDL.

Q . Are the Pistons thinking about sending any of their rookies to the development league?

A . Actually, that is on the table for discussion over the All-Star break. With Lindsey Hunter coming back and everybody else relatively healthy, there is a good chance the Pistons will send Alex Acker and Amir Johnson to their NBDL team in Fayetteville, N.C.

Many (if not most) teams have been reluctant to utilize the NBDL as it was originally intended. I can kind of see why -- most of the players that need the playing time are extremely raw, and teams would rather he develop under their own watchful eyes than put him on a squad and under a coaching staff that's outside of their immediate control. But on the other hand, a player can only learn so much in practice and drills, and there's no way around the fact that actual game experience is the quickest way to develop and evaluate a player's true ability.

I'll be pretty excited if/when this happens, if for no other reason it will provide an incentive to finally pay attention to the Fayetteville Patriots.

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