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Keep us on the backburner

Rasheed Wallace in the Free Press on all the attention Four plus Flip are receiving in Houston:

Only one Piston refused to bask in the glow of arriving at All-Star weekend. Just around the corner from Billups' table, Rasheed Wallace was patient, as he answered questions for 45 minutes. That's a lifetime of "unnecessary stuff" to 'Sheed.

And while he said he was happy for his teammates -- and jealous of Tayshaun Prince, who was in the Bahamas -- Wallace said he would be happier if everyone left the Pistons where they belong -- in the shadows of disrespect.

"I liked it a whole lot better before," Wallace said. "... Keep us on the backburner. We won't lose our swagger at all, because when you put that food on the backburner, it's just simmering and it tastes better.

"When you got that food on the front burner, that's the one you're paying attention to the most, and that's the one that might burn. We on that backburner."

I post as many of these colorful 'Sheed comments as I see, but this one just flat-out confuses me. Can anyone explain it?